Putting My Technique up for Criticism

On an impulse, I put up a video of one of my throwing sessions to a judo forum: JudoForum.com post

The result is a lot of positive and critical comments on the details of the technique. I would summarize the more critical points as:

  • More kuzushi (more pull)
  • Get lower (bend more at the knees)
  • More consistence in throw dynamic
  • More control of uke landing
  • Don’t use crash pad
  • Do standard version of seoi nage before drilling Koga’s version

Each of these points could be argued, but it’s undeniable that they each contain a grain of truth. I’d say that the experience of posting myself performing a technique online for criticism is a positive one. I have a lot to think about and to work on. As long as I don’t take some of the more negative comments to heart, I think I can grow from this experience.

Ben Reinhardt provided links to a few excellent videos on standing seoi nage. One that was particularly interesting to me (and one I haven’t seen before) is of Hidetoshi Nakanishi (1983 world champ) throwing seoi nage for 10 minutes. I downloaded this video and watched it in slow motion. Just doing that over and over is a great visualization tool.

Also, Ben provided links to these three excellent videos:

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