Public Transit in Siberia

Some training sessions push you to the edge of your conditioning and beyond. And I love those, and am always deeply greatful for the excellent jiu jitsu players and judoka that make those happen through their hard work and determined spirit.

But there is one thing that is harder than the hardest training sessions, and that’s waiting for the god damn trolley in freezing windy weather. Twice already I’ve been broken by a 30 minute “waiting session”. I’m mostly joking, of course, but I have on two occasions had to miss a training session because the trolley never came.

Public transit in general is a great way to get to training. I don’t have to worry about parking, driving in traffic, etc. I can just relax with a book, eat an apple, or let my mind focus on the training ahead or behind me. But in winter, it can get a little rough when I rely on buses or trolleys, because they often do not at all follow their schedule (unlike subway trains).

In a weird way, not letting the cold discourage me has become part of the training process. It’s just another moment when my mind says “why the hell are you doing this?” and it’s my job to respond “because i love it”.

Oh, and the above-pictured naked dude in ice cold water with an axe is my hero.

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