PGL Eight-Man Tournament Next Saturday

I’m excited to be competing next Saturday (Nov 24, 2012) in an 8-man no-gi tournament against a group of top-notch purple, brown, and black belts. It’s the second tournament of its kind put together by the Professional Grappling League (facebook). I know most of the competitors (Garry Tonon, Rob Mudrak, etc.), but haven’t gone against them before.

There are a lot of unique things about this event. It’s basically organized with the spectator in mind in a format similar to MMA: one match a time, in a boxing ring, with three 3-minute rounds (1 minute break between each). There is no explicit IBJJF-style points and it’s scored on the same kind of 10-point system as MMA. I personally love this idea because, at least in theory, you have to make it look like you’re winning, which means you have to keep going for submissions or positional progression, or better yet just submit the guy.

Here’s a blog post previewing the PGL II event where I’m refered to as “The Russian Fridman” which I believe means that this event is not just an 8-man grappling tournament but a long-awaited remake of Rocky IV. Not to hype it up or anything but this is Cold War II.

Did I mention that almost everything is legal including neck cranks, inside heel hooks, outside heel hooks, knee slicers, bicep slicers, wrist locks, and controlled takedown slams? That reads like a menu from hell.

If you can come out and show support, I will be especially thankful on this Thanksgiving weekend. Email or facebook me for tickets. The weigh-ins (with food) are Friday night at 7pm in Brewsters Pub in Maple Shade, NJ and the tournament is Saturday night at 7pm  in Marlton, NJ (google maps). Both are 20-30 minutes from Philly.

By the way, because of this event, I now have a page. How awesome is that? I’m going to give that link out when I give presentations at conferences to hopefully strike fear into the hearts of fellow academics 😉

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