Priorities: Get Good At One Thing

“Find what you love and let it kill you.” – Charles Bukowski

I’ve had the good fortune to talk to and work with a few successful athletes and scientists in the past year. I didn’t delve deep into their psyche and long-term memory stores, but from our interaction I gathered that every one of them at some point in their life dedicate an enormous amount of time EVERY DAY to a single pursuit. Sure, any one day is filled with loads of minutia of meetings, travel, chores, etc., even for the most accomplished people. But amidst the chaos of those trivial tasks are long uninterrupted periods of productive work.

The more I put my own work out there, the more I’m humbled. I realize that I’m not special, that no one is special, in that there is simply no way around hard work. You have to put in the time, every day, to even have a chance at success. If you do what makes you happy, of course, the hard work comes naturally, but it still needs to be done every day. Wandering about from interest to interest, from goal to goal can be liberating and inspiring, BUT no real productivity can be achieved without an obsessed singular focus on one pursuit.

This cartoon shows precisely that. The Draugr are always training…


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