Princeton Judo Invitational Video Diary

I competed at the Princeton Judo Invitational today in the 178 lbs and 198 lbs advanced divisions. I lost in the 178 and won 3 matches in the 198 before I had to leave in order to return the PhillyCarShare car (someone had reserved it after me for 7pm). That’s definitely a lesson for me to go with a regular 24 hour rental next time instead of  PhillyCarShare.

It was a good experience but the tournament did run long because there were a lot of competitors and only two mats. Also there was a scheduling conflict which took away half the gym for volleyball practice, leaving us with only one mat.

The following is a video “diary” of my experience at the tournament that includes both highlights from my matches and about 10 minutes of me talking to myself while driving:

I had a good conversation with someone that had a chance to train with Art (Philadelphia Judo Club instructor) back in the day. It was great to get the sense of history and how far the judo tradition in the area goes back. His name slips my mind, but I do remember that he is originally from Ireland (moved to the states in the 70’s) and is one of those people that you know is a genuinely good human being after talking to them for only a couple of minutes.

0 thoughts on “Princeton Judo Invitational Video Diary

  1. Lori

    This video journal is awesome. You should do it for every tournament.

    But if I ever carpool with you, I’ll refuse to talk with you and the camera to keep you self-conscious and humble.

  2. Lori

    If you really think people want to listen to my neurotic pre-tournament rambling, then I’ll agree. I can add it my list of things to do before I turn 30 next month.


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