Positional Training

I’ve noticed that positional training (which we don’t always do enough of) highlights the weaker parts of my game that really need work. For example, I’ll often work the back and switch to mount if I have trouble controlling the position (keeping the hooks, etc). However, when forced to stay on the back, I’m forced to address the issues with my back control and submissions.

It’s definitely the most stressful kind of training, because it’s usually more active than regular live training. There is a certain urgency due to the short time constraint, and the glaring holes in my game make a more pronounced appearance. So yes, definitely more stressful, but I feel like I get more from it than regular training. In free training, I’m more likely to end up in positions I’m comfortable in. I try to constantly challenge myself by playing off my back in difficult positions, but it just doesn’t happen as often as in positional training.

Here’s a video of a few drills, positional training, and free training from a few days ago:

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