Plants Having Sex With You Without Consent

Every spring, one in five Americans (including myself) suffer from some kind of allergy symptoms. 35 million have an allergy to pollen: hay fever.

As the title of this content-free post suggests, pollen is a powder that plants spread around in the most promiscuous way possible: via the wind! It contains stuff that produces plant “sperm”, and leads to daily victimization of people such as myself that inhale it unknowingly. I will resist all puns and further sexual references.

I wish all my fellow 10-25% of Americans the best of luck in their several weeks/months of major daily annoyance.

By the way, there is a lot of evidence that allergy to pollen is hereditary. So since it was my mom’s and dad’s birthday this weekend, I’d like to wish them a happy birthday, and say Thanks! 😉

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