PGL Middleweight Tournament Preview

I’m competing against Garry Tonon tomorrow at the PGL (here’s my previous blog post about the event). In no-gi, I’ve gone against several very good competitors, but this is probably the toughest opponent I’ve faced yet. He is a 2011 and 2012 no-gi world champ at brown belt. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I think that organizing 8-man tournaments like these is great for jiu jitsu. I believe that grapplers at any rank can put on a show, and as PGL grows, more and more exciting brown and black belts will step up. The event is short (relative to a normal tournament) so it’s interesting for spectators. Also, it’s streamed live online for free and then you can watch it on demand a week later. Here’s the link: PGL II – Middleweight Tournament Plus Super Fights. It starts at 7pm (Saturday, Nov 23, 2012).

The four match-ups in the the preliminary round are:

  • Dennis Pressey Jr vs Juan Vazquez
  • Garry Tonon vs Lex Fridman
  • David Elias vs Steve Wilson
  • Michael Padilla vs Robert Mudrak

The two superfights are:

  • John Battle vs Zach Green
  • Bill Algeo vs Matt Dosk

Seriously though, thank you to Keith Egan, Josh Saper, Seema Shull, and all the PGL staff (including the ring girls) for putting this event together. I’m exciting to go watch it tomorrow. This is like the New Jersey version of Metamoris.

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