Perl 6 Release Date

Rivaling its infamous vaporware comrade Duke Nukem Forever, Perl 6 has been announced by Perl creator Larry Wall to be out “by Christmas” for over 10 years. If you still had doubts about the existence of Santa Claus, this should put the nail in the coffin.

Anyway, I’ve been writing a lot of Perl (5.10) scripts lately. A big part of the process of programming is reading through tutorials and forums when you get stuck.

From doing just that, it appears that the release of Perl 6 is near.

I think that its feature list is exciting, in that it makes Perl a safer (but still very powerful) language, simplifies basic OOP, lazy evaluation, etc. It’s great to see language designers agree from day 1 to abandon backwards compatibility, and re-design the language based on the extensive experience of the Perl community.

0 thoughts on “Perl 6 Release Date

  1. Wooster

    Alas, when I look at the Perl 6 mailing list I read things which lead me to believe Perl 6 will for ever be “an implementation”, ie. work in progress but not production-ready. Take this recent deal-breaker: “Added basic IO functions” (26th Feb 2011). It seems Rakudo didn’t even have “the ability to rm, copy, move, chmod, or link files” until recently. Maybe it will be ready in another 10 years.

    1. Lex Post author

      Yeah, since writing this post, I realized that my feeling of the release date being near was not supported by any well-grounded facts.

      I suppose I’m happy with Perl 5 for now (and forever) đŸ˜‰

  2. Tony

    Since Perl 6 is a ‘sister language’ of Perl 5 ( at least by my understanding), why name it Perl 6?? There’s going to be confusion here. Call it P6 or Perl++, but not Perl 6. Come on, Larry, what were you thinking? Not about all of us who are quite happy with Perl 5, warts and all.


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