FFCN: Fast Visualization of Human Peripheral Vision with Fully Convolutional Networks

This blog post presents information, demo, and source code (pending conference review process) for the paper titled “Fast Foveated Fully Convolutional Network Model for Human Peripheral Vision” (get pdf here). First, here’s a Javascript demo providing a visualization of foveations produced by the network. Click anywhere in the image to visualize the amount of information our model estimates the human eyes see when focusing on the point you clicked on:

Original Image
Serves as input to FFCN for generating foveated grid (right).
Foveated Image
Mouse-over image (or click on image on mobile) to foveate.


If you find this paper/page helpful in your work, please cite:


Lex Fridman, MIT
Benedikt Jenik, MIT
Shaiyan Keshvari, MIT
Bryan Reimer, MIT
Christoph Zetzsche, MIT
Ruth Rosenholtz, MIT