People Killed On and After 9/11

suffering-in-war-iraq-soldier-cryingFirst and foremost, I would like to honor our soldiers: the men and women who have fought and are fighting for this country. Many of them have been killed, and many more have been wounded. From my experience, so many of them are good men, some of the best that our society has to offer (though sadly it is the war itself that often seems to shape the strength of their character).

I am strongly opposed to our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq on the grounds of it leading to more terrorism in the long-term not less, and I will defend that point to anyone willing to have the discussion.

But on this 10 year mark since the attacks of 9/11, I would like to do nothing more than list some statistics on the number of people killed or wounded on and off the battlefield since the tragedy of that day. Also, I add some other casualty statistics for an absurdly horrific context. These numbers are impossible to comprehend, and whatever your view, this information will mean something different, but I ask only that you sit and think about the suffering that fills every crevice of our civilization and how the decisions we make can help alleviate a little bit of it here and there.

  • People killed in 9/11 attacks: 2,819
  • Firefighters, cops, paramedics killed on that day: 366
  • Iraq
    • American soldiers killed in Iraq: 4,474
    • American soldiers wounded in Iraq: 33,143
    • Iraqi civilians killed: 864,531
    • Iraqi civilians seriously injured: 1,556,156
  • Afghanistan
    • American soldiers killed in Afghanistan: 1,140
    • American soldiers wounded in Afghanistan: 3,420
  • Other
    • Women raped in U.S. per year: 90,000
    • Children that die from starvation per year: 3,000,000
    • Killed in WWII: 48,231,700
    • Killed by Black Death (14th century plague): ~100,000,000

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  1. Maddie

    I am doing a middle school report on whether or not I an proud of my country. I’ve been having trouble expressing my feelings and coming up with things to write about. I was doing some research and came across this website. I’ve read every fact on this paper and I am almost in tears. I cannot believe some of the things I read. After reading this, I knew what to write. I am proud of my country for some things and ashamed of others. Being a female teen, the facts that effected me the most were 90,000 women are raped per year and that 3,000,000 children starve per year. It made me think about how lucky I am. Thank you so much for inspiring me and changing the way I live.


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