Pedestrians, Bikes, Cars, Cabs, and Buses

I have seen the world from all 5 perspectives in the title, and perhaps not surprisingly, every time it’s everyone else except me who is a damn irresponsible insensitive a**hole from that perspective. And that seems to be the common trend. Bicyclists complain about cars, bus drivers complain about pedestrians, and everyone complains about cabs.

So I wanted to gather up some random facts, stats, and whatever else I have in my notes on the subject.


  • 50% of bicyclists wear a helmet for at least some trips. 91% of bicyclists killed last year weren’t wearing a helmet. So don’t be like me and wear a damn helmet (and also criticize me for not wearing one).
  • Most bicyclist deaths occur on a major road between intersections
  • Cyclists have the same rights as cars, but are supposed to ride as close to the ride curb as possible.
  • Riding a bike drunk is the same as driving a car drunk in most states (meaning it’ll get you a DUI). The same goes for riding a lawn mower while intoxicated, in case you were wondering.

PS: If you ever have a bicycling question, check out this awesome Q&A site.


  • In a study of NYC cabs last year, 538 pedestrians and 282 cyclists were injured.
  • In my personal study of Philly cabs, 97% of cab drivers either don’t know how to drive or just don’t care.


  • The number of male pedestrians killed by cars are twice that of women. I suspect that a large percentage of those men are Russian and have a general affinity for vodka (the drink of the people).
  • If you’re hit by a car at 40 mph you have an 85% of dying.
  • If you’re hit by a car at 30 mph you have an 45% of dying.
  • If you’re hit by a car at 20 mph you have an 5% of dying.
  • Unless you’re a judo player (especially a Russian one who has consumed a lot of vodka), then your likelihood of death goes down as the speed of the car goes up.

I guess the lesson here is to have respect for those you share the road with.

To my fellow cyclists that don’t get off the bike in the winter, stay safe and good luck.

I would be amiss not to include this promotional video for a Russian log bike delivery service:

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