Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin and no Ron Paul

Romney announced that his vice presidential running mate will be the Representative from Wisconsin Paul Ryan. As the chair of the House Budget Committee, he is mostly known to the public as the person who proposed a bold plan that tries to deal with rising Medicare costs. I would make an analogy that he is proposing to deal with a serious infection in the foot by amputating the leg. While this may be an effective solution in an academic sense. In the broader social and economic reality of our country, I think his plan is not only naive but, more importantly for his current political situation, unpopular and unsellable.

So while Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin in that he is intellectually rigorous. He holds some  extreme views on issues that actually matter for our countries future. But neither is he Ron Paul, because his fiscal conservatism extends only to some parts of the economy, and do not seem to be based on a consistent set of principles.

On a purely political level, I think the Romney-Ryan ticket will lose in a landslide election (60-40 perhaps). Romney reminds me of Kerry in that he is a boring, awkward, gaffe-machine. It’s unfortunate, because I would love to see a strong fiscal conservative debate our president, and create some distance between the two candidates. Because without a strong challenger, it seems that our foreign and domestic policies are not likely to change.

On a positive note, I’m glad Romney picked Paul Ryan as opposed to a more gimmicky running mate. Ryan is known to speak his mind, and make careful arguments. So hopefully he will help inspire some good policy debates, as opposed to just the flinging of radicalized talking points back and forth.