Pans 2012 Blue Belt Middle Weight Division Results

Josh Macin (pictured left with a super intense celebration face) won the blue belt middleweight division at Pans yesterday. I faced both him and his opponent in the finals before, and I imagine I will have to again. His opponent was Joel Hadden.

I think they both have a well rounded game, but I think Josh’s strength is takedowns and scrambles, and Joel’s strength is his spider guard or closed guard games. I know what it takes to beat them. And since they both beat me (in close matches) before, they sure know what it takes to beat me.

The main thing I remember from facing them is that the matches were good jiu jitsu. There was very little stalling and very little aimless expansion of energy. It was technique vs technique. And that’s a refreshing thing, especially at the blue belt level.

The other thing I remember is that their technique was backed by an intensity that only comes from a lot of confidence. That’s where lots and lots of drilling, positional training, and just plain old hard training comes in. I’ll have to step on the mat at Worlds in 2 months confident and ready for 6 minutes of war.

That said, off the mat, congrats to Josh for winning gold yesterday. I talked to him for a bit after our match last week, and he was a cool humble dude. Beyond everything else, these competitions build good character. Win or lose, I’m forever thankful for finding judo and jiu jitsu, because it really has made me a better human being.

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  1. Lincoln

    This type of stuff happen all the time in judo. A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A. It could be a close match, or it could be a match of disparity; sometimes even the world champion can lose first round. It just means on that day, one did better in a match than the other, or had a better day. I remember earlier this year at the Belgian Open, there were over 80 people in the -73kg divsion, and a guy from Germany named Volk lost his first round, which surprised me because he is a very good player. Few weeks later, he took second at the Paris Grand Slam (Super World Cup).

    When you lose to the eventual winner in a close match, you have the potential to win too.

    1. Lex Post author

      Absolutely, I just hope that I will have the determination, skill, and luck to win at the big ones. There’s something to be said about winning the World Championship, no matter what level you’re at.

  2. tom

    lex you got any video of your matches with these guys?

    I honestly dont get to see or watch much high level rolling at this rank and i need to start doing some scouting to see where im at.

    if you dont have video of yourself maybe you have some links handy you can share.

    1. Lex Post author

      For sure Tom. I’ll upload them. There is one up from a year ago against one of the best guys in the division, but the match is pretty uneventful. Just a sweep and a submission:


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