One Year Anniversary

I’m celebrating my 1 year anniversary training brazilian jiu jitsu. I’ve done a few classes before then, and even competed, somehow winning all my matches, armed only with a double leg and a guillotine, but it was in January 2010 that I started training seriously, attending classes regularly, and embracing the lifestyle.

I was fortunate to train under and with some of the best folks in Philadelphia. I’ll be forever grateful for their care and friendship.

First and foremost I’ve learned to control my ego, and from that followed improvement in my jiu jitsu game and life off the mat.

I’m only at the very beginning of what I sincerely believe will be a lifelong journey. I saw this quote from Jacare and thought it was appropriate for where I’m at as a blue belt:

“The blue belt is like the young cop, shooting every time he gets the chance… After many years, he will learn to choose his shot carefully, and have patience.”

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