One Million Dead in Iraq

I overheard today on the radio that some poll says that Americans are at an all time high of 60% disapproval of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here are some basic information that Thom Hartmann outlines in his book Rebooting the American Dream about the results of our occupation of Iraq:

  • 1+ million dead in Iraq (civilians, soldiers, all nationalities)
  • 4.5 million Iraqi refugees
  • 5 million Iraqi orphans

I say “occupation” purposefully because that is how the Iraqis now see it.

Thom also lists things like torture of Iraqi prisoners, child prostitution resulting from children loosing their parents, aerial bombardment of wedding parties, etc.

It all sounds horribly grim, because (I believe) it is. And looking at these statistics and facts, we have to ask ourselves, even if you feel they help prevent future terrorist attacks, were these wars worth it? This question does not dishonor the sacrifice of our troops. There are still troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have to talk about these growing body counts, because if we don’t, the two wars may stretch out beyond 2011 into the indefinite future.

PS: I refuse to accept President Obama’s declaration that the war in Iraq is over. As long as we have troops patrolling the streets there, the war is not over.

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