Marcelo Garcia One Leg X Guard

One Leg X Guard

A lot of what I worked on this week involved the one leg x guard position which surprisingly I was not able to find on YouTube. Marcelo Garcia has a lot on this position but there’s no way for me to share his MGInAction videos.

The one leg x guard position looks like a grapevine of one leg. Similar to the de la riva hook but with the hook leg on the inside. That makes no sense… Damn you YouTube for not having a video of this position! Well, here’s a picture:

Marcelo Garcia One Leg X Guard

At first it might look very different from the full x-guard, but the idea of the position is similar. The distinction is that instead of having decent control of two of the opponent’s legs, you have amazing control of just one.

And that gets at why I quite honestly didn’t like the position when I first tried it. I felt like it was too much of a “little guy” guard. But gradually after a couple days of playing with it, I started to appreciate just how much control I have over the leg. It’s something I’ll be working a lot on as an extension of my x-guard game, even though I’m still not a big fan of the position.

Whenever something completely doesn’t work for me, strangely, I’m attracted to it more because I want to figure out why it’s not working and how I can make it work. The hope is that by figuring it out, I also figure out some fundamental concepts which I wasn’t aware of before.

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