One Hundred Guillotines with My New Best Friend

To the left is a picture of a fellow grappler I recently met. He doesn’t read poetry. He doesn’t have a blog where he airs out his emotions. He doesn’t take s*** from anyone. He is a man of few words. And if I want to practice 100 guillotines on him, he is game. He has the heart of a champion, and if only he had arms and legs, he would be unstoppable.

In all seriousness though, getting a lot of reps of the Marcelo Garcia style guillotine (shown below) on this dummy has really helped me figure it out. I’m not a fan of guillotines, foot locks, wrist locks and other staples of the no gi game, but I’m trying to learn them (mostly with the help of books, instructionals, and competition footage) in order to have descent answers when others attack me with these techniques.

My general approach to jiu jitsu is to be gentle and not use much strength for 99% of cases. That makes learning certain techniques tougher. The guillotine in particular (along with its uncle the read naked choke) is one such technique. Once I get good at it, I’m sure I can make it crisp and mostly painless, but the initial learning process requires some ugly playing around. That’s where the dummy comes in, since he doesn’t seem to mind much.

Here’s the guillotine I’m working (shown in the second part of the video):

0 thoughts on “One Hundred Guillotines with My New Best Friend

  1. Sam

    Which dummy do you have? Do you think dummies help your bjj game. If so what part of your game has it helped the most.

    1. Lex Post author

      Hey Sam, one of my favorite dummies is the Century Bob Punching Dummy, something like this:

      You want to remove the base and just use the top part. I found a real cheap one used on Craigslist. It takes some patience but eventually a good deal pops up.

      I do about 30 different drills on it. Basically you need to do techniques that fit your game and that feel the same way on the dummy as they do on a live training partner. Examples are: guillotine, north south choke, cross choke with the gi, ezhikiel, knee on belly switches, etc. It’s boring as hell, but it’s probably the best thing I do for my jiu jitsu. Good luck!


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