Omoplata Guard at the 2011 Pan Ams

I’m slowly making my way through footage of 2011 Pan Ams (20 hours of it). It’s definitely very useful to study what high level competitors are doing, and nothing stands out as much as the fact that they are ALL doing omoplata. Everyone from little to big, thin to thick, at the black belt level was finding their way to the position of sinking in the omoplata.

I titled this post “Omoplata Guard” (emphasis on “guard”) because while everyone was doing omoplata, noone seemed to be able to finish the submission. Moreover, the sweep from it came eventually but in many matches it took several minutes! When does a submission technique that rarely succeeds as a submission start being treated as a kind of guard? It almost has the same qualities as the 50/50 guard except of course one person is at a clear advantage in this case.

Anyway, I wanted to throw this observation out there. I’ve been working the omoplata in gi lately, and have been unable to consistently finish the submission. Most of the time for me it leads to a sweep. Part of the reason is because I hate rough techniques, and I feel like it’s hurting the person’s shoulder, so I don’t pursue it aggressively, but mostly it’s because it’s just so damn hard to prevent them from rolling or posturing up.

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