Omoplata Basics

Went over several ways to do omoplata and sweep from the omoplata position.


  1. Rubber guard entry. Example
  2. “Pressure” entry. Example
  3. Spider guard entry when opponent is standing


  1. Leg grab and roll. Example
  2. If opponent stands in omoplata, pop hips up, bring outside leg over the head, and roll back. From there you can spin around for mounted triangle or mounted americana.

I especially like Demian Maia’s video listed as an example in the entry #2:

An interesting side detail that I get from it is that when putting pressure on the head, it’s more effective to place the pressure on the top of the head as opposed to at the base of the neck. It’s seems obvious, but I’ve always put pressure on the neck because that seemed nicer to the other person. Sometimes you have to sacrifice “nice” to improve effectiveness of the technique (thought I hate doing it).

Also, I very much like Frank Mir’s entry into the omoplata:

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