Obamacare Requires Disclosure of Calorie Content

I think too many people know nothing about Obamacare except that the name Obama is in the title, and that’s enough for them to like it or dislike this very complex healthcare legislation.

No matter how you feel about it, I think the law is an attempt at reform that at the very least is inspiring an important public discourse on one of the most important subjects that we face as a democracy.

So, I’ve been slowly chipping away at learning more about this huge 2010 law. One of the interesting provisions is that chain restaurants must list the calories of menu items in the menu. They must also provide detailed nutritional content info (fat, sodum, carbs, sugars, protein, etc) upon request.

I knew that this has been a growing trend in restaurants, but I thought that it was due to laws passed in major cities and not due to a federal law. In some cases, restaurants have until 2014 to start disclosing this info, so there still might be a few hold outs.

I am a huge fan of government forcing information down our throats. That’s where big government does the most good in my opinion: help inform the public, and let the public make their own individual choices.

Where a lot of people start feeling uneasy is when laws start popping up that limit what people can eat or drink. For example, the following video discusses a recent New York City law that bans jumbo-sized sugary drinks in restaurants, theaters, and street carts. I like this specific law, but it makes me nervous.

Like I said, I’m all for government informing the public, even forcing that information down our throats. But consumer freedom is essential to the economic vibrancy of our nation. We should limit this freedom very carefully, if at all.

0 thoughts on “Obamacare Requires Disclosure of Calorie Content

  1. matt

    I fully know when my wife and I go to a movie after fasting for 12 hours solely to gorge ourselves to the brim with soda and popcorn, that it may not be good for us, but even thinking that someone can stop the experience for us makes me want to burn end entire city. And I don’t even like Bill O’Reilly

    1. Lex Post author

      Lol, hell yes. People hate that idea. The tricky thing is to figure out what to do with people that don’t know that soda may not be good for them. The poorest Americans are also the most obese. It’s a tough balance to strike, given that their obesity has puts a lot of financial pressure of the health safety net.


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