Nervous Bench

Watching Judo

  • 90kg Hiroshi Izumi (JPN) vs Daniel Kelly (AUS). I need to work on Ouchi and Kouchi. And damn… 90kg is no joke. These dudes are thick and powerful. Ended up going into golden score. And once again ashiwaza gets a yuko and a win. Hiroshi Izumi might be going for the medals.
  • Pershin (RUS) vs Trezise (RSA). Ivan Pershin is World bronze. Making a beard look bad ass. Looking for loading type throws such as katagaruma. I have a lot to learn from these type of matches where the majority of time is spent completely bent over and yet no penalties for quite a while. Finished with a katagaruma. The coach kept screaming “put him on his heels”. Strange, given the he was going almost exclusively for forward throws.

Did I mention how much I love watching Olympic judo. Nothing else compares. The quality and quantity of the broadcast is just unbelievable. I basically have like 40 hours of judo to watch. And since Summer I’ve watched it all at least once. I’m not just watching for entertainment, I’m absorbing different styles. Seeing what throws work for people of my body shape, etc. Also it helps me look at video of myself and clearly see where I look a lot different. That may sound funny but a lot of times I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Even if I hear a coach say “turn more”, it still doesn’t translate into a good correction for me until many practices later (if it has yet at all).

Drexel Judo Practice (1.5 hours)

  • Did most of the warm up.
  • Almost successfully avoided ground work. Choking Keola hurt my shoulders. By “hurt” I mean I could feel an echo. So I should try to avoid ground work period for 2-3 weeks.
  • Did some uchikomi in a group with Dan (one of the newer judoka). Total: ~100
    • Osoto: 10
    • Ouchi: 10
    • Kouchi: 10
    • Seoi: 10
    • Ouchi – Kouchi: 7
    • Kouchi – Ouchi: 7
    • Ouchi – Seoi Nage: 7
    • Kouchi – Tai Otoshi: 7
    • Tai Otoshi: 20
    • Harai Ogoshi: 5
  • I stayed on the mat the whole time which felt good. It was a light practice, but I feel like I may be ready to take a full practice of falls next week, and randori in two.

Weight Lifting

  • 8 sets of chest (3 bench, 2 dumbells, 3 machine) – it’s been a long time. With extensive warm up, and res bands between sets pain was only an echo. I’m recovering!
  • 3 weighted decline situps (heavy weight)

Bottom line is that I have to weight lift and do cardio. Randori, ne-waza, and falls are all things that are good but are not worth it until I’m healed.

Iced 4 times today when pain came up. Did the exercise / stretching routine twice. Felt good.

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