Multiple Desktops on Windows

One life-changing (not really) productivity technique commonly used in Linux is the capability to have multiple “desktops”. For example, say you’re working on a Powerpoint presentation but at the same time are writing a LaTeX document revision of a journal paper. You can put all the presentation-related windows on desktop 1 and all the LaTeX document related windows on desktop 2.

There are a bunch of programs on windows that provide you with that functionality, but most provide too many features, most of which don’t seem to function correctly. mDesktop is an open source program I just came across that is as lightweight as they come and works perfectly. I recommend it highly. Ctrl-# goes to the #’th desktop and Ctrl-Alt-# sends the current active window to the #’th desktop. The latter is a really intuitive functionality that I didn’t come across in the other apps.

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