Mike Tyson is a Vegan

Mike Tyson indeed has gone vegan, though with him the level of dedication or understanding of what it means to be vegan is highly uncertain.

What is important is that there are more and more fighters going vegan, or at least breaking away from some of the more popular diet plans for athletes.

Jon Fitch is one of my favorite fighters, wrestlers, grapplers, and just overall scramblers. He has a fight coming up this weekend at UFC 127. He released the follow light-hearted video on his diet recently:

It would’ve been nice to hear how those meals match up with training sessions (whether he eats before or after), but it certainly looks like he doesn’t eat much, nor does he eat almost any meat.

I’m a big believer that most diet advice is unscientific money-making propaganda. It has just as much of a chance of working for any specific individual as not working. I know that about 99% of people that I run into at the gym swear by 2-6 servings of protein powder a day. They seem to all believe it works. I think it does, but I don’t know, and the science is not clear on this or any other supplement like pterostilbene for example, everyone swears by it but does that mean you have to change your diet.

Fitch’s relatively low-protein diet should make us think, and at the very least encourage us to try radically different approaches to eating. Personally, I think the video is a bit ridiculous, but I have so much respect for Fitch that I’m honestly considering trying a vegan diet for a couple months. I don’t need to lose weight, this would be just for the sake of learning / exploring. I’m training so often that I would be able to clearly measure the effect a new diet has on my body, mood, energy levels, etc.

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