Mendes Brothers on Drilling

I’m always interested in seeing how and how much top level guys drill. After all, white belts and blue belts see the value of drilling because there’s a lot of people in the gym that kick their butt on a regular basis. That forces them to ask: “How can I get better?” And usually the answer is: “drilling”.  But for brown and black belts, the motivation is not as obvious.

I think after several thousands reps on a technique, it’s very easy to say: “I think I pretty much got it down” and get very lazy about drilling it. So it’s good to see Mendes brothers talk about how much they drill and how much of that drilling is their A game.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview on their facebook page:

Drilling Sessions: We train 80% our game “A”, drilling our best positions and variations from there. The other 20% we train different positions that is not from our game or new techniques.

Sparring: Our training is about 50% drilling and 50% sparring. the last 2 months before big tournaments we spar more than drill. We always say in the training that Galvao is “drill to win” and we are “roll to win” Lol. But we know how important drilling is.

There you have it, from their mouths to God’s ears. Drill to win.

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