Marco Perazzo

Yesterday, I wrote about a 5x world champion Robson Moura, so it seems only appropriate that I continue with the theme of greatness and talk about the head instructor of NJMA, the one and only: Marco Perazzo.

He is a good friend of my judo instructor (Ray Huxen) and likes to stop by a judo class every once in a while to terrorize the unsuspecting victims. In all seriousness, he is a very knowledgeable instructor. He recently showed us a few very interesting ideas from the spider guard at Osagame. And I also still remember a few critical adjustments he made to my x-guard a long time ago that have helped me in my development.

Here’s a video blog from a tournament hosted at his academy:

He is truly one of the good guys in the BJJ community. It’s definitely an honor to know him.

Some other memories of Marco for me include him attempting to run me down in his car a couple times as I was happily riding my bike enjoying the cool fresh city air just so he can make fun of me. Another time is when I got a chance to roll with him (seems like forever ago) and he guillotined me what seemed like a couple dozen times in a 6 minute time period. I’m still recovering physically and emotionally from that experience.

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