Major Competitions Help Me Ask Tough Questions

I’m quickly realizing why competing at large events such as Worlds is great for my development as a jiu jitsu player. In the last month, I was often struck by the thought that “holy crap, I’m going to have to fight in a division of 120+ guys very soon” and “holy crap, is this guard pass going to work on everyone?” and “holy crap, am I doing the right things to improve my cardio?”

I’ve been asking a lot of tough questions of myself, both big and small. Everything from “why am I doing jiu jitsu” to “where do I most prefer to grip on a toreando pass”. Just like deadlines help me be more productive at work, major competitions help me ask the tough questions of my training, technique, and general approach.

You don’t have to be honest with yourself when you’re training, but when you’re competing, your opponents will force reality onto you. They will reveal the holes in your game, in your mental fortitude, in your strategy. There is no hiding from the truth on the competition mat.

So with the Worlds lurking in the near future, I’ve already become a much better and smarter jiu jitsu guy. I have a lot of changes planned for my training over the summer that will make me much better. Of course, I’m not changing anything in now in the weeks leading up to Worlds, but I’m planning a lot of things for afterwards.

Plus, all the big names in jiu jitsu are putting out interviews and videos of things they are doing to prepare for Worlds. All these resources make my planning for the future that much easier. For example, check out a fun and intense cardio session with some BJJ killers like Andre Galvao, Rafa Mendes, Gui Mendes, etc:

There are a bunch of little changes I am going to implement after Worlds. But the big one is definitely more drilling. I already drill a lot, but I’m planning to take it to another level over the summer. I want to have flawless fundamentals and that requires tens of thousands of reps.

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