Bermuda Triangle


4 sets of bench.
3 sets of chest press machine.
1 set of incline dumbell bench.
3 sets of grippers

Oh and I broke ANOTHER resistance band. I need to find stronger ones.


Sacrifice throws (sutemi waza) and triangle (sankaku jime) escapes. I didn’t do the former, except some fits.

Will was very nice and acknolwedged my existence by telling me to do uchikomi either with him or other injured folks. Overall, I got about 80 osoto gari fits.

I like uchikomi in general, but each type of throw I like for different reasons. I like  osoto gari uchikomi especially because it’s not tiring, and thus allows me to get into a rhythm of fast hard fits and really feel the body of the uke, going off-balance, and visualize the throw. With most other throws, after about 20 fits, I start breathing hard and begin to slightly loose the ability to think about the throw, instead focusing on the cardio aspect of uchikomi.

I think I’d like to get together with someone from the class for 500-1000 uchikomi 1-2 times a week. I’d video those sessions at first to make sure that the form is not incorrect. Just have to find a willing partner…

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