Lonely Friday without Lonely Matt

Practice at Mainline Judo Club

I drove a couple girls (Sarah, Joan). Matt had to stay home, so we had another instructor: Nick. It was not the same without seeing Matt on the sidelines with the excited/frustrated “I want to get on the mat, but I shouldn’t” look on his face. Not sure if it was because of me, or because he wanted to keep a fast pace of practice, but Nick made most of the practice uchikomi. I had to thank the Gods again on that one.

Every set of 10-20 fits was followed by push-ups or situps, so the whole thing was quite a good work out. Here is a somewhat accurate list of uchikomi:

  • Any throw (ten times then ten pushups
    • Osoto: 10
    • Koga Seoi: 10
    • Harai ogoshi: 10
    • Right kata guruma: 10
    • Left kata guruma: 10
  • Tai otoshi: 60
  • Uchi mata: 20
  • Seoi nage: 80
  • Tai otoshi: 40
  • Total: 250

Towards the end people started throwing, but I and the new white belt just did fits.

My pecs are sore from benching yesterday, but I did a total of about 500 pushups again today and more stretching than I’d like to remember.

I should note that I wanted to go to the gym but didn’t find time because of low sleep and work all day, plus the 1 hour celebration of dad’s birthday in his lab. It took a lot of will power not to dip into the free ice-cold beer there.

I’m glad Tom showed Koga Seoi Nage Wednesday. I’m not sure I like it better, but the different foot positions are helping me think about where my body is at during the throw. I do feel like I can drive more with the pivot foot so deep and in a “loaded” position.

Watching Judo

A total of about an hour of Olympic judo while eating. Some notes here if I’m especially moved by the match.

Bosch (NED) vs Rousey (USA) of 70kg women was an insane grip fighting match. Mostly, it was Bosch being crazy about basically making it very uncomfortable for Ronda to hold ANY grip. There is a lot to learn from that level of strategic aggression.

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