Lloyd Irvin: Rape is Never Forgiven

rape-victimLloyd Irvin issued an official statement about the rape incident from 2013 and from 1989 (link to previous post about it). To me personally, this statement came way too late.

My own views have evolved on this incident, with a lot of respect lost. That’s all I will say here on that. The rest of the internet has already said it in a thousand different ways, often with too much hatred, but the people who speak with a calm voice of reason are there and have moved me in a profound way (e.g. Ryan Hall’s open letter and Karen Miller’s comments).

We live in a society (in America) where the act of rape, no matter the circumstance, is never forgiven. It’s a sign of a people dealing with the fact that for thousands of years (until very recently) rape was viewed throughout the world as a minor offense, akin to the damage of property (see history of rape). Now let me pause before I state the next fact. I have written about it often, and think about it with a shudder of disbelief. Rape of women by military forces are still carried out as a weapon of war today. Horrific example: 48 women are raped in the Democractic Republic of the Congo every hour (source). Just sit and think about that.

The world is drowning in injustice. But I’m hopeful, seeing the moral outcry and growth in our country on issues like this incident and many others.


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