Living Without a Cell Phone

Per month, I send about 20-30 text messages (almost all as a response), and talk for about 30-60 minutes.

The bottom line is I just don’t use the cell phone to a degree that many people do. Why? Because I view it as a source of distraction. The productive aspects of my life are centered around periods of 3-4 hours where I focus on a single task without interruption or stress caused by the possibility of interruption.

Turning my cellphone off eliminates this possibility. The only problem with this is that true emergencies may go undetected by me for a day or more. This hasn’t happened yet, but it’s a distinct possibility. My family knows that I turn my cellphone off, and since they live 5 minutes away, I hope they also know to come get me in case of serious emergency.

The problem I encounter as a person that spends a large amount of my time programming is that I’m missing out on the mobile experience. I develop apps for Android, and yet I don’t own an Android phone that can run those apps. I test and simulate them using an Android emulator. This may seem like an absurd irony, but until a cell phone is distinct from the devices I use to get work done (laptop, desktop), it will remain a source of distraction that is belt left in the off state for the majority of its existence.

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