Living Dangerously

Returned to the gym today. I had a stomach ache, felt bloated, tired, and just really out of it. And yet… the only thing that doesn’t kill my shoulders that involves my arms is deadlifts. It’s a tough one for me mentally, because of how much I can lift, there is always pressure to equal the previous workout’s performance. Exceeding it, of course, is the goal, but is usually incredibly rough. Today I didn’t perform well at all, but at least I’m back at it. I felt some pain in my back too, but nothing to be crying over. Tomorrow, I’ll a few miles, and try to figure out my ID problem that prevents me from getting into the gym.


  • 4 sets of deadlifts
  • 5 sets of weighted incline situps (think Seoi Nage)


  • Watched an hour of Judo practice – damn it was tempting. Will covered pin escapes, while I thought about how much it hurts my shoulders to hold someone down.
  • Watched about 1 hour of Beijing Olympic -81kg men’s and -63kg women’s during meals. All I have to say is Travis Stevens should have won the match against the reigning world champ  Tiago Camilo. Terrible refereeing.
  • Read about 30 minutes of “Russian Judo” (a masterclass book). I need to investigate further into the new pant-grabbing rule, and how some of the throws can be modified based on the changes.

I did rehab for the shoulder twice today (stretching and strengthening). Iced I think 4 times. Echo of pain is still there. I don’t trust my shoulders. This I think results in terrible judo. Some guy bumped into me at 711, and all I could think was how much I didn’t want to punch him because it would set my recovery back another week or two.

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