Life on the Edge of the Unknown

I’m in awe of the idea that 10 to 40 thousand years ago our early ancestors pushed on into the unknown across the the Bering land bridge (that used to link Siberia and Alaska) through difficult weather conditions to populate the North American continent.

Of course, they did not see it as some epic journey. They took it one day at a time, surviving, following huntable or gatherable food sources. But their way of life, to me, is one of existing amidst overwhelming uncertainty. I have no doubt that the existential concern of “What’s for dinner?” was enough to keep their minds and bodies occupied.

Still, it’s hard, from the bird’s eye perspective of the 21st century not to appreciate the force of life that fueled the journey against what I can only imagine were insurmountable odds.

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  1. Jim Thompson

    In many ways, humans aren’t all that different from other animals. Our forbearers of the hunting and gathering ilk shared the drive to survive with their non-human neighbors. Soon, however, a major change occurred in the way that instinct expressed itself in humans; rather than survival-of-the-fittest, it became survival-of-the-richest. While greed has always served as a human motivator, modern humanity has refined it to high art.


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