Learning the Details

I watched a video of Marcelo Garcia showing an X Guard entry versus a folding pass. There’s a few key details there that I figured out myself by attempting the x-guard entry from that position many many times in training. And that’s what I’m writing about here: the difference between discovering a detail through training vs through watching a video or watching my instructor show it.

It’s funny how many times Ray or John (my judo and jiu jitsu instructors) would show me the details that make a technique work, I’d practice it, and still wouldn’t really internalize it. It’s only when I “re-discover” it as an answer to a problem in training that it really becomes integrated into my jiu jitsu game.

The lesson then is to always keep trying to figure out a better answer to a problem. Never stop considering alternatives.

That said, the above can only happen when I go to class, as many as possible, where instructors much smarter and wiser than me share good answers they and others have discovered through years of training.

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