Judo Strategy Against Defensive BJJ Novice

In competition, I’ll occasionally go against guys that don’t want to play off their back, but don’t really have a takedown game either. This is common for BJJ players (usually strong) that don’t practice stand up at their academy. Combine that with nerves, and the result is them essentially keeping me away with stiff arms, bad posture, and constantly thinking about countering whatever I attempt. It’s hard (or rather it’s risky) to take a guy like that down with a big throw, so I’ll often end up walking around (relaxed) for a minute or two until they begin to tire or relax or decide to attempt takedowns of their own (thereby leaving openings for my attacks).

However, what tends to work well against players like this are footsweeps as Jimmy Pedro demonstrates in the follow video:

It’s a bit annoying, but a footsweep in BJJ is my most common “throw” because (at least at the blue belt level) people are way too defensive. Sometimes I’ll force a big throw (seoi nage or uchi mata) on a stiff defensive player, but that’s taking a risk. Of course, I’m always up for a little wrestling. I’ll attempt a double, single, fireman’s, etc and if I fail, I’m right in position for a strong guard.

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