Journey Begins

Today, I start a training log at a low point. The main problem is Bicipital Tendonitis in both arms. I have been suffering from this persistent overuse injury.

I have trained in a few combat sports in the recent past: boxing, bjj, judo. Because of reasons outside the scope of this post and my literary capacity, I won’t go into why, I have recently chosen to focus on Judo.

I’m a scientist first, and athlete last. So research, obviously, always takes priority, and sport is just something I do when I can’t sit in front of the computer any longer. I do sacrifice social life, women, drinking, etc for Judo because between research and Judo there really is no time for anything else. So… Judo is my source of stress-relief and fun. Too much chatter already…

I’m in pain today. Woke up in pain. Iced it.

A little later did stretching and strengthening exercises on just the shoulder. Skipped yoga and shoulder exercises before bed, though. Never again. Need to do this stuff twice a day. Otherwise, how the hell will I recover and stay healthy.

Haven’t been in the gym for 10 days! That’s probably a 2 year record. Will maybe try to do something tomorrow.


  • Ran 2 miles – slow pace


  • Watched Main Line Judo practice – read the masterclass book on armlocks during that time
  • Watched about an hour of -81kg judo while eating (summing time over 5 meals

Some thoughts on what I learned in Judo… Matt taught some pickup counters that I wished to God I could practice. This is something that should become my specialty. I have a back that can lift three of me, which is perhaps my only advantage on the mat against highly-skilled opponents. Pickups should be my thing. My shoulders hurt just thinking of it though. Where the hell is Advil?

Also reading about turtle turnovers into armbars was exciting. I really did about 1-1.5 hours of visualization today which was exhausting but I think incredibly effective. Can’t wait to try it on the mat, especially this one right shoulder roll while grabbing uke’s leg and thus doing like a “bow” turn over. I’ll have to think of a structured way of talking about things I learned …

Good night, first day. The journey begins!

0 thoughts on “Journey Begins

  1. Nishi

    Good luck!

    Have you thought about including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as part of your cardio? I feel that for me it works a lot better for Judo training than straight running…I usually sprint as fast as I can for about a minute, then jog for the next 3…rinse and repeat.

  2. Greg

    nice, see you started the new site. looks good!

    i’ve been thinking about a blog dedicated to gym, too. great way to keep oneself motivated, i think.

    well, you’re on my google reader now. let’s see how it goes 🙂

  3. Lex

    Thanks, guys. Yeah, Nishi, I’m all about HIIT. Especially, as it gets warmer now, I’m going to hit the Penn track for sprint-jog intervals. Except I usually do shorter ones than what you mention. I sprint 200 meters, jog 200, repeat. I find that I can’t sprint for a minute. It just turns into a hard run, and it’s really important to keep the intense part of interval training REALLY intense.


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