Jordyn vs Jordan: A Battle of Two Unstoppable World Champions

If you hear “Jordan” in relation to the 2012 Olympics, what do you think of? The answer to that question depends on whether you enjoy watching people in tights flip around in the air or you enjoy watching people in tights flip others around in the air. I prefer the latter (wrestling) and not so much the former (gymnastics).

Jordan Burroughs is a dominant 2011 freestyle wrestling world champion. Jordyn Wieber is an even more dominant 2011 gymnastics all around world champion. Both are Americans, and both have been destroying the competition in a way that makes it difficult to imagine who can possible take the Olympic gold away from them. Not even the Russians!

Here’s a highlight of Jordan Burroughs (and his relentless double leg takedown):

Here’s a highlight of Jordyn Wieber:

I’m not a fan of watching gymnatics, but I am a fan of watching dominance in any sport. Also, I believe that gymnasts are some of the toughest athletes out there, because of how hard they train (especially through pain) and how much focus is required to achieve perfection in their sport. I love just watching the look of concentration on their faces. Some of these girls are just teenagers, but mentally they are seasoned warriors.

0 thoughts on “Jordyn vs Jordan: A Battle of Two Unstoppable World Champions

  1. Alan

    You spoke too soon about Wieber. In a clearly shocking development, she didn’t qualify for the all-around competition. Perhaps Burroughs will have better luck.

    1. Lex Post author

      Yep, sigh. Gymnastics is incredible. One little slip up and it’s over. And under such immense pressure, I don’t how it’s possible not to slip up.


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