Jiu Jitsu Marathon

I started reading Ultramarathon Man and that got me thinking… There should be an endurance event for jiu jitsu, nothing serious, just for “fun”. The more I train, the more I’m beginning to realize that it’s actually possible to train non-stop for a long time. I’ve heard stories of people training for many hours straight. So why not do a marathon for jiu jitsu.

Here’s my idea… A black belt match is 10 minutes. There’s ~ 26 miles in a marathon. So, let’s do 26 black belt matches. That’s 4 hours and 20 minutes. You can get a drink of water between sets, but if you leave the mat for more than that (to go to the bathroom, for example), you have to take the set off and then append another set at the end.

Obviously this is a challenging endurance event, but it’s probably not as impossible as it sounds. I’ll see if I can convince a few folks around here to try it. Maybe someone is crazy enough to join me.

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  1. scranton mma

    I have done 4hr training session for Judo before.. I think if you paced yourself like you would in a marathon that most ‘good’ grapplers could do this

    heck normally i do a crossfit workout then 1hr of bjj and then 1.5 hr of judo and im old…

    but give it a try lex and let us know how it goes..

  2. Eric

    I am in! It is not easy for me to carve out 4 hours, but if we coordinate schedules I will do it with you. Probably needs to be a Sat.

  3. Chris Round

    In Japan I had practices like that. Not 4 hours long, but roughly 3 hours of straight randori on some days. It gets to the point where you can no longer stand and your hands can no longer grip the gi, and theres 5 more rounds to go.

  4. Lance Wicks

    Hi, love the idea.
    I reckon tie it in with a charity and go for it.
    Might be cool to see if you could have simultaneous events across the world.

    So marathon weekend sort of idea. We could have a Judo marathon here in the UK and you could have yours there.

    If we tied it to charity, we could make it a sponsored thing and people might support financially the hard work.

    Nice idea,



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