Jiu Jitsu in Detroit: Notes on Training at Kaizen BJJ

kaizen-1000I journeyed out to Detroit, Michigan on the way to a cottage on Lake Huron. I’m writing this very blog post without having had access to an internet connection for a couple days. This trip is not an escape from work or training or life, but a temporary relocation of all those activities into the quieter realm of lake-facing nature. It is helping me reflect on what is important in life: what my goals and priorities are. It is giving me a chance to think, really think, without the need to run off to a meeting or to check my email. Distractions really are the enemy of productivity, and the modern world is increasingly filled with micro-distractions.

It would not be completely accurate to call this a “vacation” as I’m still working (programming, writing, reading) a few hours a day. And of course, I’m still finding some time to exercise: either run or train jiu jitsu.

On Saturday, I visited Kaizen BJJ (facebook), located west of Detroit in Plymouth, MI. It was a no-gi class, taught by their head instructor Ryan Fiorenzi. He was exceptionally welcoming, knew my name when I came in, and when class started he had everyone introduce themselves to me and shake my hand. That’s 20+ people taking the time to greet me. I don’t remember ever feeling so welcome as a visitor at a jiu jitsu school.

The class was 3-4 techniques from half guard with a strong underhook. We drilled the moves, and then did positional training from the half guard position. Nothing fancy just good solid basics. We finished with 4-5 rounds of live training.

Overall, it was good training and good people. I definitely recommend people visit and train there if traveling to Detroit.

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