Jiu Jitsu Calendar

I came across a jiu jitsu calendar that’s pretty much what I’ve been looking for for quite some time. There are many calendars out there, but this is the only one that gives semantic value to the location of the tournament. That is, you can look for upcoming tournaments within 50, 100, etc miles of where you live.

I keep my own list of upcoming judo and jiu jitsu tournaments but it’s mostly for me and a couple people I train with. It’s nice to see someone put together a quality site aimed at the whole jiu jitsu community in the United States. It still lacks a few key features I’d love to see, as well as basic elements of good design. Plus, the ads are a bit too in your face.

iCompete.org is another good site I look to. But I feel like there is still no central standard place for jiu jitsu events. Part of the reason is probably due to the fact that there is still not international BJJ governing body (like IJF for judo). Of course, IJF only cares about major Olympic-level events, and doesn’t care about most local, regional, and even national tournaments, so I’m not sure an international BJJ organization would help organize (or at least sanction) local tournaments.

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