Janrain and Gigya: Sign in with Facebook, Google, etc

Janrain Engage and Gigya are two leading providers of “social sign-on” services. If you want users to use Facebook, Google, Twitter (or OpenID, etc) to log into your website for a “personalized experience”, it can be a pain in the a** to code that up. Since you need to keep up with the API of each service, and map the service-specific id to some centralized one that you can keep in a database.

Janrain and Gigya make it easy to do the pain-in-the-a** steps above to generate something like the pop-up shown in the image.

I find that trust is still a big problem in this process. Users seem to be reluctant to log in into any of the website I create using their Facebook. It probably has to do with the general reluctance of a user to click the “Yes” or “Okay” button when presented with a popup. I think a standardized interface such as the one that Janrain Engage and Gigya provide is a step into the right direction, where people will begin to associate this login process with something they can trust.

What’s the difference between Janrain and Gigya? Not much.

Basically, it boils down to Janrain being a little simpler to use but less feature rich, and Gigya having more features and steeper learning curve.


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  1. Brian Schmidt

    Good point about trust still being an issue. Hopefully that will improve over time.

    For our site, we evaluated both and ultimately went w/ Gigya. I actually found the learning curve for Gigya to be pretty small. It worked out of the box. Their documentation is really good so whenever any questions arose, we found answers pretty fast. The payoff for us has been all the other plugins that come with it… we’ve been using them quite a bit (reactions, comments, sharing, etc).

    btw, cool bash script last month.

  2. Lanoba

    I agree with Brian. We found Janrain to be a little complicated and sometimes incomplete if you use one of the smaller packages. Gigya is pretty easy to use but the price is hard on small websites.

    There’s a new alternative called Lanoba. Lanoba aims at bringing the best of both worlds together. All clients get the same amount of features but billing is variable based on usage. They even allow small websites with less than 250 registrations monthly to use the full product for free.

  3. Ankur Sharma

    I have tried LoginRadius Social login at my website and found it working really fine for me. It provides one of the best customer service in this market responding to customer queries like live chat


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