In Search of Dinner and Happiness

I saw the photograph on the left in Reuters (taken by Michael Buholzer) of a sheep herder leading a flock of 500 sheep in search of food. Click on it for a bigger version. It gave me a nice reminder, of the kind I get when I look up to the stars, that life is both beautiful and absurd. The daily struggle takes many forms for people across the world, and at least for how I feel now, that photograph is a damn good representation of it: a man, a dog, and 500 sheep searching for dinner, but also searching for a longer term comfort of a peaceful existence.

I just returned from a long run outside in relatively chilly weather, and enjoyed the hell out of it. The feeling of cool air filling up my lungs took away all the mental exhaustion from a long day of reading research papers. My life is simple now in its challenges and its comforts, and I can’t ask for anything more.

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