“If Your Wrestling is Weak, Your Jiu Jitsu is Weak”

The title is a quote of Dave Camarillo‘s from a Fightworks Podcast interview.

I think it’s absolutely true. There are obviously many exceptions to this overgenaralization, but the more I learn, the more I realize the power of the game that involves nothing more than a double leg takedown to a pressure pass.

So, drilling this aspect of jiu jitsu is essential, not only for learning the timing of a good takedown but being comfortable with attacking the transition of a successful takedown. Too often I get the takedown, settle, and then begin to pass. I feel like passing could be a lot easier if I begin passing in that split second when my opponent is still adjusting to being taken down.

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  1. Matt Marcinek

    One of the biggest things I am going to begin focusing on in my preparation for freestyle nationals is the setting up of angles when going for takedowns and this definitely applies to BJJ as well.

    When you shoot in for the double, a lot of people use the “freight train” double, just blasting through their opponent with raw power. I do it too because of my disability and well, it’s fun.

    but recently after studying a lot and talking to my different coaches. I’ve learned that a good method is, when your shooting dont shoot head on, shoot or cut right to a .45 degree angle that way you avoid landing in guard and are positioned for side control.

    Good Quote by Dave. I love Judo and Jiu-jitsu, done them longer than i wrestled. but wrestling still carries a soft spot in my heart and many of my techniques have wrestling base

    1. Lex Post author

      You’re spot on, angles are essential for striking and takedowns. But I’ve come to believe that the really important thing in wrestling (and judo) is timing. It’s not something that can be explained just learned through thousands of hours of practice. You have to catch the guy in the split second when he is slightly off balance and not ready to sprawl, hip check, counter, etc.


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