If a Berkeley Professor Can Say F***, I Can Too

Mike Gravel shaking his fist at the injustices of the worldMike Gravel (pictured to the left) is just one of many unique visiting lecturers at a UC Berkeley course on Political Science run by Alan Ross.

If you want to listen to a few entertaining, moving, and even educational lectures on life and politics, I would highly recommend you visit this page and give a listen.

One of the biggest things you’ll notice is that a lot of these professors, businessmen, and world-renowned leaders say a lot of edgy things you probably wouldn’t hear them say in any other venue. This is because Alan Ross encourages the speakers to get away from rigid political correctness that is so prevalent in public speaking today. He says f***, he says s***, and he makes light jokes at the expense of a person’s race, sex, looks, hygiene, and/or intelligence.

These are seemingly minor freedoms but the result is a much more vibrant discussion of what makes life worth living, the challenges we face as individuals and as communities, and many other topics that couldn’t be addressed quite as effectively without letting go just in this way.

Given the power and hunger of the media to pick up on any gaffs, people are less and less willing to speak their mind on controversial issues. The result is a drier and less productive public debate.

Here’s a nice quick video on Alan Ross that makes him seem the opposite of what I just described, but still at least it shows that he can fake being a nice guy too 😉


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