I Heart Huckabee, Except on Every Single Issue

I watched a recent Charlie Rose interview with Mike Hukabee and was reminded of two things. First is that Charlie Rose is a great interviewer in that he remains objective (unlike most people that claim to be) but still can call the interviewee out on any obvious contradictions.

Second thing I was reminded of was that I liked Mike Hukabee for some unknown reason from ever since the 2008 campaign. I literally disagree with him on every single issue. Let me list some of the things he stands for proudly (source):

  • Women should not have the right to choose
  • Homosexuality is unnatural
  • Teacher-led prayer in public schools
  • Death penalty
  • Guns!
  • Less federal funding for health coverage
  • Do not replace oil & coal with alternatives
  • Cut taxes on the rich (opposes progressive taxation)
  • No path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
  • No public financing of campaigns
  • Patriot Act does not harm fundamental liberties
  • Opposes withdrawal from Iraq

He is running for president in 2012. That much is clear. The above is his platform. I disagree with him vehemently on every single one of those issues.

Still, I can’t help but like how down to Earth he is. Unlike most politicians with even a remote chance of winning, to me, he seems like the only one who is not saying one thing and thinking another. Just comes off as a good human being. I would love to see him win the Republican primary for two reasons. First, he would bring civility and clarity to the debates with Obama, and two, he has no chance of winning against Obama 😉


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