Home is Where the Heart Is

This post not only has an exceptionally lame title, it also has a picture of a shirtless cartoon guy with color-coded muscles and tiny shorts.

Sigh. I am terrible at blogging…

Anyway, I’ve been plagued by little injuries, finger, shoulder, now knee, so I haven’t been able to step up training to more than once a day. I put in the 1.5 hours of mat time every day, no exception, and run. That’s it.

Of course, I won’t win Worlds with that. I have to get back to getting the hard night sessions in. But my jiu jitsu is getting crisper, steadily but surely.

Okay enough bitching for now. I’ve watching Rick do his 100 each of pullups, pushups, squats and thought that could be a good way for me to get a little strength training in amidst all the jiu jitsu. I want to keep strength training to a minimum, but SOME is still important. So I bought a pull up bar and put it up in my apartment. It works…

I did 90 chin ups, 180 push ups, and a bunch of shoulder therapy stuff with resistance bands. It was really short, high-paced (about 15-20 minutes), but ended up being a good work out.

I’ve always had a hard time working out at home, but I think this simple program changes things. I’m doing this “work out” three times a week at home. I’m starting out slow just to help make sure that I stick with it. But I’ll gradually extend it to include kettlebells and yoga. Anyone have a 32 kg kettlebell I can buy / rent? I also came across a homemade bulgarian bag recently that seems like a hell of a good piece of home workout equipment that can be made for just $20.

At this stage of my training, I don’t want to waste much time on fitness vs actual drilling and rolling on the mat, but it’s important to at least get some in.

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