Holiday Toys and the People Who Make Them

Average monthly salary for a migrant worker in China is $240 (source). Less than 26% of them are provided any kind of pension scheme, work-related injury insurance, and medical insurance. Still, for many people this is a big step up from the alternative of rural subsistence. Check out this gallery of Chinese factory workers  with the toys they are making. They can make any kind of toys, from dolls and cars to little spinners for

Can a life defined almost completely by long days of hard monotonous labor be fulfilling  Does the concept of “pursuit of happiness” have any meaning when pursuit of survival is the reality of daily life?

I think most Americans turn a blind eye to the grinding of gears of capitalism on the global stage. It’s hard to acknowledge the fortune of being born in a first world country or in an environment where upward mobility needs nothing more than hard work.

The problem of poverty is too big. All efforts to fight it appear absurd to any rational mind, but still some people try, e.g. Paul Farmer:

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