Hit the Road Jack

I’m becoming more and more of a fan of the Fightworks Podcast. A lot of the conversation is at times uninteresting, but there a few gems, especially when they interview world-class competitors.

They do a poll every week and on October 30, 2010, they asked “If your relationship with your significant other depended on it, would you quit training BJJ?”. Link to the poll

It surprised me that 49% of people said they would quit BJJ, and only 38% said they wouldn’t quit.

This got me thinking about my own relationships and what makes a relationship with a workaholic that trains jiu jitsu succeed or at least last longer than a week. I’m obviously passionate about what I do. And I think if the girl likes the “passionate” part, the relationship will work. Meaning, she doesn’t have to necessarily care about the activity (research, judo, jiu jitsu) at first, but in her value system an obsessive pursuit of a goal should be high up there. Otherwise, it will seem ridiculous to her the amount of energy that I allocate to work and when I’m dead tired from work spending the remaining moments on the mat training.

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