Hey, IBJJF, Why So Blue?

I’m not sure if this has always been the case, but it certainly seems that the blue belt divisions at IBJJF tournaments are exploding in size.

The Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship is this week. My division (if I were competing) is smaller than usual with 77 people. The divisions below have 126 and 98 people, respectively.

These are not your “regular” blue belts either. If you competed at an IBJJF tournament, you know that the people that show up to these tournaments are often experienced competitors, many of whom really do have a legitimate shot at gold. So to medal in a division of that size with that level of opponents, you can’t make a single mistake. It’s all about focus, incredible cardio, and technique.

I’m pretty sure that my “A game” vs the “A game” of the top guys provides too much possibility for losing. The real way to win all those matches, every time, is by dictating the pace and position in the match so that I am the only one playing my A game and my opponent is scrambling to catch up.

Good luck to the 3000 people competing at Pans this week.

By the way, when I say “good luck”, I don’t mean “you’re going to need luck to win any of your matches”. It’s just a nice polite way of saying “best wishes”. If you want to come away with the gold, actual luck has to be taken out of the equation.

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