Hello World: Software Engineering Video Course

Armando Fox is an Associate Prof from Berkeley who does a bunch of interesting things, one of which is teach what I believe is an undergrad class on Software Engineering (that sadly only has a broken URL on his site).

The video lectures from the course can be watched here, or better yet, here.

I’ve come across a lot of video courses on programming, but none that I know of have focused to any degree on the software design aspect (modern software design, specifically). After all, a 90’s course on C can focus on software design all it wants, but its lessons are mostly useless to a programmer today.

I’ve only viewed two lectures so far, but intend to finish the rest of them within the month. Dr. Fox presents a lot of good ideas for building quality software systems, inspiring me to write Cat in the Hat code vs Joyce’s Ulysses code.

Hello World…

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